गोंदण, जन्मखुणा काढण्यासाठी Q- Laser​ – Tattoo & Birthmark Removal: There can be several reasons for choosing to remove a permanent tattoo, professionally, socially or simply because you no longer like it.

With the injection of pigment into the deeper skin layer, tattoos are formed. When one wants to get rid of a current tattoo, laser tattoo removal is the only non-surgical option.By breaking up the colours of pigments with a high-intensity light ray, lasers erase tattoos. Both laser wavelengths are absorbed by the black tattoo ink, making it the easiest colour to handle. To remove other colours different lasers based on different pigment colours are required.

We have treated more than 250 tattoo and 100 birthmarks in last few days with satisfied costumers with zero side effects.

Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers are highly pigment selective targeting the endogenous melanin. It is highly effective method to remove tattoos and birthmarks.